VALENTINA’S TANGO | Full Length Romance Movie | English Subtitles

A dark comedy/drama of a woman’s decent into madness by love.
Guillermina Quiroga – Valentina
Jordi Caballero – Eduardo
Dianna Miranda – Tina
George Perez – Eddie
Yelba Osorio – Vicky
Jack Rubio – Victor
Allen Walls – Armando
Mario Larraza – Sonny
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BURNOUT | Full Length Drama Movie | English | HD

Troubled teenager Scott aspires to be a professional drag race car driver. Scott makes several faltering attempts to break into the world of drag racing with the help of his affluent businessman father Jeff. Undaunted, Scott decides to spurn Jeff’s advice by branching out on his own by going on the road as a gopher for a successful drag race car driver.
Mark Schneider – Scott
Bob Louden (as Robert Louden)
John Zenda
Crystal Ramar
Randy Troxel
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