46 thoughts on “Vengeance – Hollywood Crime Action Movie – Nicolas Cage

  1. Jish Keh

    so sonny crocket worked as a hotshot lawyer after retiring from miami vice…. good movie, good upload, thanks a lot enjoyed it.

  2. mike bell

    Spot on movie……….We need more justice like this, Maybe then this shit would stop if they knew it is a death sentence to Rape.

  3. Giuseppe Nuzzaci

    white man is the most Dangerous of the planet must neutralise said the left, fortunaly hollywwod is oxn by zioniste and the work very good that you goy have to learn what is bad and good, david duke is white than he meust be bad, but natanayou is white but because is jew he escape from the curse of the bible

  4. Michael J.V.

    This movie revealed there is no justice on American legal law, need a justice underground, illegally! The judge, lawyer, and prosecutor, they work for a system, they never care and protect the victim on the first priority.

  5. californyaeh

    This is one of the most Satisfying killing in the History of cinema, so Pure, no blahblahs, no BS…!!
    Guy Deserved to be executed like a rabid animal, pulls a knife (feeling untouchable), cop blows his "brains" out … End of..!!!!

  6. Seth Wolfe

    I love the part when she took the pills and threw them all over the place. I thought for a minute that the movie was going to take a turn and she was going to commit suicide by taking all those pills and that her daughter was going to have to stand trial in her place. But I'm glad that she got mad and stood up

  7. Jeffrey Koutsogianis

    the judge asks the defendant to remove her sunglasses, when explained that she was wearing them for medical reasons responds…" they are annoying…mabey she can squint".

  8. Philip Dawes

    Thanks for the upload. An excellent film. Sometimes, when there are corrupt judges and corrupt defence lawyers as depicted in this film, and there are many of them in real life courts, another form of justice is necessary to correct the imbalance.

  9. 7A

    15:00=this is what muslims/mudscum do in europe and usa. for real. and the judges cut them loose. this is what mohammad and his followers did. all the time. this is the world the YHWH created. i keep telling him what a psychopathic shithole he created. that's what i do. so far, no response.

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