Udandi Sita | Hd Odia Movie | Uttam Mohanty | Aparajita Mohanty | Full Movie

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♥ Movie Name: Udandi Sita (1992)
♥ Starcast: Uttam Mohanty, Aparajita Mohanty, Ashrumochan Mohanty, Netrananda, Raimohan, Jairam Samal, Netrananda, Apsara, Durlabha
♥ Singer: T. Shourie
♥ Music: Swarup Naik
♥ Dialogue: Gopal Dey
♥ Editor: Deben Mishra
♥ Director: Avatar Singh
♥ Producer: Rabi Swain
♥ Production House: Ganapati Films
♥ Camera: Sambaji
♥ Our Media Partner: Mo Odisha
♥ Our Radio Partner: Odisha Radio
♥ Our Web Partner: E Halchal
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