The Maid’s Room – Action, Thriller| Full Length Movie | Michael Walker

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THE MAID’S ROOM is a psychological thriller that explores the complex relationships between truth and justice, hubris and power, wealth and fear.

23 thoughts on “The Maid’s Room – Action, Thriller| Full Length Movie | Michael Walker

  1. NOW WHAT?!

    See, that's why I'd never make it in Hollywood; these scripts are ridiculous! If I were that maid…oh I would've turned down the envelope also. But I would've made him double it…hell, triple it even! But, to play the "I can't tell a lie" role. Please! She didn't even have any evidence. C'mon man. 50 thousand dollars, and she said…no. It wasn't HER business to begin with. Nosy ass maid!

  2. Giovanni Pincoletti

    Not only was the maid foolish, she was a terrible maid. She was as slow
    as this movie and almost as slow as the lady of the house when she spoke.
    The title of the movie doesn't cut it. It should have been "The Maid"
    and not the "The Maid's Room."

  3. Felisha Lewis

    Two deaths over a accident No i understand that is your child but know he should took him to the police station. So the maid should have not said anything left then call the police then trying to ask for money that they give you anyway but had to keep running her mouth in those people house.

  4. Fawad Ahmed

    Good movie… never be maid out in country side… be truthful … crime will never hide it will follow you until you are caught… you dig a hole, you will be the one in it. Lesson to keep in mind. You lie once, then you have to lie 100 more times to hide it… live simple life.

  5. Lifebee LifeBee

    I had to hire a caregiver for my 94 years old MIL who lives with us, The caregiver comes twice a week, 4 hours each time, and I can't wait until she lives, and I am being paranoid to leave house while she is here. I can't stand the idea she would go wondering around the house looking into drawers and closets. Not because I am afraid she would steal something (However, I still can't find my gold earrings that I had for few years and all off a sudden – boom, nowhere found), but mostly because I can't stand people invading my privacy.

  6. Sri I

    In case of accident have the courage to call ambulance/police. As simple as that, instead of complicating things further

  7. stacy Cox

    From the first 1minute she entered that house she never mind her business.. I have no sympathy for her.. Good riddance for being nosey

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