Pappu Can’t Dance Saala HD Bollywood Hindi Comedy Movie Vinay Pathak, Neha Dhupia And Sanjay Mishra

The film revolves around a man Vidyadhar Acharya (Vinay Pathak), who moves to Mumbai from Varanasi, and finds it difficult to adjust to a place away from his city that’s rich with cultural heritage.[2]

Acharya rents a flat in an apartment only meant for Sales tax employees. Every now and then, a vigilance raid occurs in the apartment and then he has to hide in the terrace and stay there all night. Mehak Malavde (Neha Dupia), a struggling dancer moves in as his neighbor. The two neighbours regularly have fights. One night, there is another vigilance raid on the apartment. Mehak gets caught and gets thrown out of her flat. Vidya manages to escape since he came home late that night. Having nowhere to go, Mehak breaks into Vidya’s apartment and plans to live there. Since Vidya hates her, it becomes impossible for him to stay with her, but she gives him no options.

Slowly, they start liking each other. One night, they both have a bad fight and Vidya leaves his job and returns to his hometown. Mehak also moves out and starts living in a new flat. Slowly, they realize that they are missing each other and decide to unite by the end of the movie.

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