NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2018/2019 | Weekly #40

All new movie trailers from the past week

00:03 Aquaman
05:20 Mortal Engines
07:44 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
10:10 Rocketman
11:19 The Upside
13:49 Vice
15:42 The Mule
18:06 Overlord
19:06 Welcome Home
12:13 Mary Queen of Scots

50 thoughts on “NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2018/2019 | Weekly #40

  1. findingout

    whats next ?????? A BLACK HULK OR HOW ABOUT A BLACK WILLY WONKA???NO! NO! I GOT A BETTER ONE,, HOW ABOUT A BLACK FONZY FROM HAPPY DAYS!!????? INSTEAD OF SAYING AAAAA!! IT WOULD BE YO!!lol lol lol !!! hell just make the whole cast black, black richy and joni and chachy and all of them why stop at one!!! hey lets just make a movie where whitey never excisted?? sound good black lives? every one on earth is black! and then you all shoot each other and become exstink! at least that would make it have a little truth.

  2. findingout

    this is just stupid stupid stupid!! A BLACK MAN PLAYING SPIDER-MAN IS LIKE A WHITE GUY PLAYING MARTIN LUTHER KING!!! IT JUST DONT FIT!!!! is the black community so jealous of hero caricters that they just decided hey let's look stupid and steal all the super hero's parts and put the BLACK MAN!!! IN THEM!! you know its really starting to look like the black man doesn't want equal rights……THEY WANT TO BE THE SLAVE OWNERS, ALL POWER. not to be equal, that's not good enough. we owe them our souls and they want to collect!! now don't get me wrong? I'm no racist. I love my black friends and would die for those the closest to me. but black lives matter and groups like them are not out for stopping racism. they are out for blood!!! and things like this spiderman movie is just an attempt to show whos boss!!

  3. CK112

    Move over Wonderwoman!! Now We have a King!! Aquaman is here!!! and I want to see that movie!! Real Talk!! Just Thinking out loud!!!

  4. Novo's 9th Hell

    Genius: Guys….. GUYS!…. let's do another Spider-man Movie….
    Studio: Meh…. alright….. but it's gotta have something different….
    Genius: Alright….. we'll make spider-man black….
    Studio: Hmm a black spider-man…. yes they'll love that…. racial equality and shit…. but it's not enough….
    Genius: Ok we'll throw in a female spider-m..woman… as a side-character!
    Studio: GENIUS!…..
    Genius: I KNOW RIGHT?? But it doesn't end there….. we're gonna make it…. ANIMATED!
    Studio: Holy shit we're gonna be rich….er

  5. Me-Hi

    Someone remember ''The Fifth Element (1997) -'' ? this sequence .. : 1:49 .. ? 😀
    11:20 movie with Kevin Hart is a redone or something because it's like the french movie ears ago that had the same story like. A white dude in a wheelchair and a black dude that was taking care of him.

  6. Mr K

    Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome; Aquaman is going to wear the orange and green! I'm all in now.

  7. Daniel Moore

    Stop 10:24 lmao. Elton?!?! Lmao. Whats next? A liberace movie?
    Somebody sold the studio the idea that gay singers from the eighties would make a good movie idea.

  8. Daniel Moore

    Stop. :50 Aqua man just murdered every last one of the crewmen on that Submarine.

    Submarines have to decompress in order to surface. The inside of that sub is full of young men with their eyeballs popped out of their skulls. Shame on you aqua man and this is why you aren't a superhero.

  9. John Reed

    hello my name is johnny and i am 8 and a half years old ill be nine in april. please can someone please help me to understand the difference in saying someone is a niggahh? because i learnt that this was a terrible curse word. but now i hear people saying this to their friends and when they say whats up? is this a curse word still for making african feel sad? or is this now meaning someone is your close personal buddy? i dont know but i dont want to make anyone sad

  10. namgorf2001

    Anybody else get a Stranger Things music vibe coming from Aquaman trailer? Like a legit full on rip off of the music at the 2 minute mark.

  11. Duhbeavs_

    Aquaman is just a lame Thor. Thor is almighty and otherworldly but lame ass Aquaman has to stay on earth where there is water. lol

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