New Malayalam Family Entertainment Movie Romantic Movie Comedy Movie Latest Upload 2018 HD

New Malayalam Family Entertainment Movie Romantic Movie Comedy Movie Latest Upload 2018 HD

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Story: Hari is in love with Mythili, who belongs to a rich and aristocratic family on who Hari’s family depends. The lovers, however, are determined to let nothing come between them

Review: Suresh Narayanan’s Premanjali is rather relevant today in the wake of youngsters being killed for falling in love with people not approved by their parents. But other than that, the film can be considered a mega-serial compressed into two hours, with little much else to offer.

Mythili belongs to a rich and aristocratic joint family, comprising grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. While Mythili is in love with Hari, her male cousin is in love with Hari’s sister. However, since Hari’s family is poor and dependent on Mythili’s, the two sets of lovers are not encouraged, and the dependent family is shunned when the affairs are revealed. Meanwhile, Mythili’s wedding is fixed with her cousin and fiance, a rich man.

The story is set in a traditional ancestral home, with all the women in settu mundus, complete with classical music and valluvanadan slang. While the aristocrats are fair skinned, the dependents are a step lower in caste and dark skinned, not so surprisingly.

The dialogues and scenes seem straight out of a play at times but the first half of the film is quite watchable, with the youngsters clandestine affairs, which however, are an awkward combination of WhatsApp love stories and the traditional dhavani clad girl and mundu clad boy ones. The director seems confused as to when to set the story, the current age or an earlier one.

The events in the second half and the climax, though, are intolerable, and can give mega-serials a run for their money.

The actor playing the grandfather, the molester, as well as the youngsters, though newbies, mostly act well, and thus the film is bearable. A host of familiar faces play the family members, Baby Namboothiri, Bhagyalakshmi, Devan, Sreedevi Unni and Anoop Chandran among others. Though Anoop puts up a humorous act, Bhagyalakshmi has nothing to offer.

Shweta Menon has an intriguing character, the ‘mad’ relative Subhadra, who has been ostracised for breaking the norms of the family in her youth. The actress looks drop dead gorgeous in a traditional avatar, though her role in the scheme of things is never developed properly or brought to a proper conclusion.

Premanjali gets marks for its artistic settings and it’s attempts to explore the issue of a woman’s freedom to choose her mate, nothing else.

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