Malayalam Super Hit Movie | Puzhayozhukum Vazhi | Family Comedy Full Movie | Ft.Mammootty, Ambika

Puzhayozhukum Vazhi is a Indian Malayalam film, directed by M. Krishnan Nair and produced by Joly Paulson. The film stars Mammootty, Jagathy Sreekumar, Venu Nagavally and Prameela in lead roles. The film had a musical score by Raveendran.

The movie starts with the intro of the college. Hari is a music charm. He likes poems and poets. He is also a poet Rema very much flattened in his voice and music. But she never says that straight. Even Hari too loved her. Movie goes forward through this two folks. Meanwhile, Gopan tries his best to trap her. But she is not that type of girl. Gopan gets very nervous when he sees her with Hari. He sets up plans to put a boundary in between them. Gopan challenges Hari that he will have her in his hotel room. He sets up a mimic and mistooks Hari. Hari feels disappointing and he starts to drink liquor. But later he understands the reality and apologizes to her. One day Rema goes to see his friend’s boyfriend to convey a message. Hari sees her and loses all his hope, because he knows about him. He skips from the affair and goes home. Gopan tries to molest her before the college days are over in his hotel room. But fortunately she escapes.

Then the story fast forwards about two years. Gopan has gone to the Gulf. He came back as a business hunk. Hari has refused all proposals because his mind is filled with Rema. Upon his mother’s pressure he goes and sees a girl. Accidentally that is Rema. Hari decides to marry her. Things change fast and Hari eventually forgets the past and they have with a pretty good married life. Aravindan and family were his neighbor. When all is going fine, one day the dark knight comes into Rema’s life again. It is Gopan. Rema is terribly disappointed what may happen to her life. So what may happen to Rema’s life? Is Gopan still a scum? Anything else hidden in this super hit script?

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