lollipop malayalam full comedy movie

lollipop malayalam full comedy movie
The movie commences with Pranchi (Jayasurya) revealing his feelings for Jenny (Roma) to a writer (Jagathy Sreekumar). Pranchi met Franco (Prithviraj) and Franko influenced his life and changed him to be better person.

Franko (Prithviraj) is a young man who runs an automobile workshop by the beach. His sister Jenny (Roma) is a college student. Franco’s friend Dr. Eby (Kunchacko Boban) likes Jenny. Jenny has an enemy in college called Rose (Bhavana). Rose and Jenny argue with each other every time they meet.Franco and Rose are in love, and they are hoping that one day Jenny will come to like Rose.

At this point, Pranchi (Jayasurya) enters the story. Pranchi is a pickpocket. Pranchi tries to pickpocket Franco and is caught red-handed. They both reach the police station and due to some confusion, both end up behind bars. It is the local priest (Salim Kumar), doubling as a solicitor, who bails them out. The priest asks Franco to be Pranchi’s friend and to guide him in the right direction. So Pranchi becomes an employee at Franco’s workshop.

Pranchi falls in love with Jenny, but Jenny isn’t aware of this nor does she have the same feelings towards him. Having made a pact with her brother, she will only marry the guy whom Franco likes and vice versa. She starts liking Eby. When she tells Franco about her liking he goes to see Eby without Eby knowing about it, only to return and tell his sister that he did not like him. Jenny tells Eby this and they sort of break up. Jenny comes to know that Franco & Rose are lovers. Jenny feels betrayed. Franco feels guilty & with heavy heart he ends his relationship with Rose. When Jenny learns about this she feels sad for both Franco & Rose. Jenny meets Rose & patch up with her. Meanwhile, Franco meets Eby & informs that he was against his relationship with Jenny only because he is afraid if Jenny learns that she is adopted not his real sister. A fact only Priest & Eby knows. Eby promises that he will never reveal this truth to jenny. Eby & Rose are childhood friends & neighbors. Eby Jenny, Rose & Franco gets engaged on the same day. A jealous Pranchi with the help of his robber friend mixes sleeping pills in Rose & eby’s drinks & create a plot which looked like Eby & Rose had spent a night together. Heartbroken Franco & Jenny calls off there wedding thinking that there partners have betrayed them. Eby & rose unable to prove there innocence, there families forcefully make them to agree for there marriage. Franco announces Jenny’s marriage with pranchi before the wedding date of Eby & Rose. On Jenny’s wedding day, from pranchi’s friend Franco learns about Pranchi’s ploy to separate Eby & Jenny. Pranchi kidnaps Jenny but Franco saves her. Eby & Jenny, Rose & Franco gets married and lead a happy life in the same house as both Jenny & Franco have dreamed from childhood so that they will never be separated in there entire life.

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