LAYEPE 2 Trending Yoruba Comedy Wale Okunnu | Remi Surutu

Layepe is an hilarious comedic drama of a wealthy man Starring Wale Okunnu, Lola Idije, Ebun Oloyede Igwe, Okele, Remi Surutu, Muyideen Oladapo, Yomi Success, Muyideen Oladapo, Oyinkansola Elebuibon

37 thoughts on “LAYEPE 2 Trending Yoruba Comedy Wale Okunnu | Remi Surutu

  1. Adepoju Peace

    The most funniest part is that (pls borrow me 15millions, he was like :am coming, he went to bring a DVD player 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  2. jamal Edwards

    Fantastic movie .I have no clue the name given to Nigeria Grammy Award .Wale Okunnu deserve one with this movie.He never disappoint ,Well done.

  3. Princess Yemi A B C Y

    The stingy man Layepe himself you don't suppose to die just like that you need to suffer a bit so you see how your children spend that your wealth. this is Original Layepe new movie not like the Layepe from movie More 3years ago that they just uploaded just to distrac people that is very bad. Kudos to you @LibraTV👍👍👍

  4. Jannat Ara

    Lols, okunnu oni pami fun erin. Ile aye asan. Ahun ogbadun ara ee. Ara ile ogbadun Ahun. Lovely movie. Thanks hanks for this

  5. Gods own Son

    Okunnu just proved why he is the funniest man in the Yoruba film industry with this FABULOUS film.No one in the industry does it like this man,only his facial expressions is enough to make you laugh your head off,damnn this man is just too funny.The ending for me was SUPERB because I thought he did some type of money rituals for him to be that stingy to himself and his family,but I was so WRONG and the film was not predictable unlike most Yoruba films involving wealthy stingy men.Okunnu was stingy to himself even at the point of death😂😂😂😂,he chose to die than spend money on treatment at the hospital”WOW”.This film was funny from the beginning to the end,and I can’t believe that a human being like Okunnu will exist on planet earth,how can you be so stingy to the point of choosing death over spending money on your health?? This film really shocked me and that’s no lie.Okunnu made this film so interesting,his acting skills is next to none.He wanted to swallow the key to the Wardrobe that has his money😂😂😂,Na wa o.Lovely film,great acting,and God will continue to bless Okunnu.

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