Govinda Super Hit Comedy Movie | Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain | Sonali Bendre | Rinke Khanna |

Title : Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain
Star Cast : Govinda,Sonali Bendre,Rinke Khanna, Shakti Kapoor,
Directed by : Mahesh Manjrekar
Written by : Mahesh Manjrekar
Music by : Anand Raj Anand
Gangaram alias Ganga (Govinda) lives a simple, straightforward life in a small village with his mom and dad (Shivaji Satham and Reema Lagoo), and his girlfriend, Saawni (Sonali Bendre).

When the time comes for Ganga to marry, his parents inform him that his biological parents live in the city and want him to settle there. Ganga bids tearful farewell to his village and its inhabitants and travels to the city of his birth parents. He finds that he has an elder brother, who is married to Supriya, and younger siblings, as well as his birth parents, Avinash (Shakti Kapoor) and Radha (Himani Shivpuri), who are all very wealthy. Ganga struggles to cope up with the modern city lifestyle. His sister-in-law dislikes him more as days pass by.

Soon word spreads about Ganga being the latest eligible bachelor. He is asked to marry a socialite, Tina (Rinke Khanna), as per his parents’ wishes. Ganga agrees to everything his new-found family wants him to do. Things get so bad for Ganga that he runs away from his biological parents’ home and finds his older brother being blackmailed by a woman and two goons. He saves his brother, but his best friend gets stabbed in the stomach by one of the goons who flees the scene; he gets accused for stabbing his own friend. Ganga refuses to speak the truth about the incident at court as he does not want his family’s reputation to be ruined. His sister-in-law, who learns the truth from her husband, speaks out at court and proves his innocence.
After the verdict, Ganga and his best friend return to their village where he reunites with Saawni. His parents agree to get them married.

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