BABA RISIKA – Latest 2017 Yoruba Comedy Movie

Watch this hilarious comedy movie about a landlord, his nosy daughter and their tenants, this will surely make you laugh.

18 thoughts on “BABA RISIKA – Latest 2017 Yoruba Comedy Movie

  1. Nuridin Adams

    Anti jesus, why abusing mallam, I am half mallam ooooo kekekekekekakakakk. My aboki friends will hear this. To go to mecca and to go to Prison is God call, kekekekekekek, I go die ooooooooo. Yoruba language is godly.

  2. Abby Oba

    very interesting movie! I enjoyed it. All the characters are good
    kudos to you all. Risikat played a major role and played it well

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